J'Nae's Story

Hey! I’m J’Nae, designer behind Cheriss & Company. Before I started Cheriss & Company I, like so many women, was caught up in a whirlwind of busyness, until a few unexpected detours forced me to slow down.

On the outside things looked great - a blossoming career, a promising relationship and a loving circle of family and friends, but between you and me I was wearing myself OUT! Every day I was running a marathon, trying to be that woman who had it all together, but I was slowly losing myself in the process.

Just as I was slipping into a seriously low point, God gently reminded me of my passion for design and I sat at my desk one day and began pouring out illustrations of women who were simply taking a moment to savor life. Through art, I was recovering and rediscovering J’Nae. And as my desk filled up with illustrations, I began sharing pieces on social media and interest quickly grew. This was the start of Cheriss & Company … and the beginning of my slower, richer purpose-filled life.

Every single day, I’m inspired to create designs that not only elevate your space and your spirit, but also remind you to embrace your journey -- and the people around you -- and live life at YOUR own pace.

I ab-so-lute-ly love creating for everyday extraordinary women like you and I hope that always shines through!

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