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Kristin Hylton

mom | entrepreneur | teacher
Nominated by: Allison Barnett Howze

"Kristin Hylton is a truly a wonderful mom, entrepreneur, teacher,  Christian, kind hearted, and giving Jamaican American woman."

"She is the CEO of Crown Creative Educational Services or Crown Creative Homeschool. My kids attended her homeschool for 5 years and her values and passion was instilled in Chase and Madison for them to be the independent young people they are. She instilled in them the importance of education and doing the right things in the world. She preaches community service by having her kids feed the homeless. She will sacrifice everything to make sure her students have everything they need spiritually and emotionally. She gave my kids a sense of confidence that I’m so appreciative of. She exposed them to so many things like tennis, music, aquaponics, chess, black history, theatre, musicals, cultural immersion trips to Jamaica, Washington DC, and New York City. 

She gives so selflessly for her students and I am so thankful for her and all the other parents are too. Kristin Hylton is Black History with the homeschool concept in this area."

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