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Priority Guide™ (The Detox Edition)

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Introducing, the first-ever Priority Guide! An 8-week priority-setting organizer designed to change the way you think about, manage, and live your life.

The Priority Guide will help you:

  • Focus on the goals that really matter
  • Prioritize your faith with prayers that help you start the week centered
  • See your progress and know exactly what's working and what needs work.

Hardcover 7"x9" spiral-bound journal. Chic matte black with signature Cheriss & Company hearts. 170 80lb white pages

    Priority Guide™ (The Detox Edition)
    Priority Guide™ (The Detox Edition)
    Priority Guide™ (The Detox Edition)

    Priority Guide™ (The Detox Edition)

    $ 20.00

    Forget everything you know about planners - this isn't that.


    If at first you don't succeed, don't 'try, try and try again'. Head back to the drawing board to see why that strategy isn't working!

    J'Nae, Priority Guide Creator | Cheriss & Company Founder

    4 Daily Habits You Should Be Side-eyeing Right Now


    jumping into the day before establishing a plan (aka winging it)


    multi-tasking and having a little bit of everything on your plate.


    making plans before considering what you already have lined up


    starting multiple projects and leaving them unfinished for a long period of time

    So ... here's what's not so obvious:

    • You'd never build a house "off memory". So when you're building your future, showing up without a blueprint sounds just as questionable
    • Multi-tasking is effective in small doses, but past a certain point it's just typos and a fried attention span (*its)
    • Besides leaving a trail of disappointed or aggravated friends and family, making impulsive plans is a sign of untamed emotions
    • The sneakiest habit of them all, having multiple unfinished projects is like an app quietly draining your battery in the background. You're not using it, but it's definitely taking up space and energy
    • the simple translation: these habits look and feel like they're working, but they're not

    do less of the things that no longer make sense

    The Priority Guide will call you out, lift you up and get you clarity you need for the next level.

    Created by a corporate girl/business owner who knows the juggle can get crazy, the Priority Guide is designed like a planner that quietly coaches you behind the scenes. You'll sharpen your detective skills and rid your mind of toxic thinking, all while running your meetings, planning dinner and building a stronger foundation for your dreams.

    The color yellow has a warming effect — which makes it perfect for this spring season.

    you've got a future to build and a legacy to leave

    ... the last thing you need are hidden habits wasting your precious time and energy.

    The solution? A reset and a few little tweaks to your daily routine. Created by a corporate girl and business owner who knows the juggle can get crazy, the Priority Guide is designed like a planner that quietly coaches you behind the scenes with time-saving techniques to help tame and train your daily routine.

    You don't need another planner to track to-dos -- you need a voice of reason that'll call you out when you're doing too much, and lift you up when you need a little push. That's the Priority Guide.

    Get the Guide

    you've worked hard to get this far.

    Over the course of 8 weeks, the Priority Guide helps you protect what you've created ... and get clarity on what to do next.

    What you'll Learn:

    Tighten Up Your Routine

    Build a foundation that can actually support your goals and vision.

    Set Guilt-free Boundaries

    Finally feel in control of your day and be OK with saying "no".

    Toss Toxic Thoughts

    Fire your inner critic and get rid of thoughts that hold you back.

    Stay Grounded

    Keep your faith in focus and stay connected to the Source of everything you need.

    THE NEXT STEP IS up to you

    what can you do with 8 weeks?

    portion control for over-committers

    You usually don't realize you've piled on too much until it's too late. With the Priority Guide day pages, you'll learn how to get control of your schedule and put an end to over-committing.

    mental brakes for racing minds

    Imagine what you could accomplish if you were as active as your busy mind. The Priority Guide's weekly prompts help you get out of your head and spring into action.

    Image of Priority Guide Planner Prayer Page that reads