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protect your peace ... and your plans.

Finally find the time you've been wishing you had more of.

if life was a statement, what would yours say?

Every square inch of the space you occupy in this world matters. And every day is an opportunity to show you don't take that gift for granted. Cheriss & Company is all about empowering you to break away from busy and fully live the life God created for you.

Reset and Refocus

All-new Cheriss & Company planner helps you fire unproductive thoughts.


Create an Original

Custom options for the woman who rarely orders straight from the menu.


Stay Connected

When tech won't do, send a heartfelt note that'll be kept and cherished forever.


never flimsy. never faded.

The objective: make you look good and help you send the best message in whatever you do. From ultra-thick papers to polished packaging, Cheriss & Company's stationery and gifts are made to be positively unforgettable.

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not just a pretty picture

There's always a little more beneath the surface. For Cheriss and Company designer, J'Nae, her story is the heart behind her trademark playful, deliberately simple designs.

Here's Her Story ...

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