About the Brand

Life is way too sweet to be overly busy and secretly unfulfilled.

When it comes to life priorities, everyone knows there are two things that should never, ever slip: taking care of yourself and staying in touch with friends and family.

But the way real life is set up, our schedules get full, our priorities shift and eventually some parts of our life don't get the attention we know they deserve.

You have a lot of things you've been meaning to say and do. But sometimes it gets lost in the daily grind. With limited edition collections of encouraging stationery and gifts, Cheriss & Company empowers busy, ambitious women to step off the hamster wheel of busyness and stay close to the people and priorities that matter most.

Simply put, you've got plenty to do. Cheriss & Company creates products to encourage you to find balance and flourish in all of it - no matter how busy life gets.

Welcome to Cheriss & Company. Hope you love what you see!

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