About Cheriss & Company

We see you working, living, loving, and making the most of what’s before you. And whether it’s in decorating your home, personalizing your cubicle, or holding fast the tradition of the good ol’ fashioned handwritten note, you want your classic, classy style to shine through in a way that is uniquely you.

At Cheriss and Company, we believe that you—free-spirited, chic, and confident—are a work of art, and that your beauty and boldness should be reflected in a way that empowers you and encourages others to shine. And that’s our inspiration and why we take so much pride in the stationery and gifts we design.

This is your life, your dreams, your career, your style, and your heart in living color.

So whether you’re perusing the farmer’s market, running the big meeting, rolling your sleeves up for some décor DIY, being the weekend warrior, or burning that midnight oil…we celebrate you.

Keep shining! It's contagious.

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