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Step 1: Visualize

Reflect, get clear on what you want, and set goals.

Step 2: Prioritize

Cut out the fluff and prioritize the goals that get you closer to where you want to be.

Step 3: Plan

Break your goals into bite-sized, manageable chunks and create successful habits to take control of unexpected moments.

Step 4: Take Action & Reflect

Reflect, get clear on what you want, and set goals.

Bonus Content

Cut out the fluff and prioritize the goals that get you closer to where you want to be.

Give yourself time back

Break your goals into bite-sized, manageable chunks

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Cheriss & Company releases a daily guide for busy women

Read about the new planner that's the new wave

Big changes blooming in Spring at Cheriss & Company

See how the brand and product line is growing

Cheriss & Company founder teams up with time expert

There's new priority in focus and it's about time

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About the Company

Cheriss & Company is a female-owned stationery and gift brand founded in 2014. We’re all about showing busy women a better way to juggle their busy, vibrant lives and enjoying the little thrills in everyday life. Whether it’s a guided planner to help her tame busyness and commit more time to herself and her goals, or stationery and gifts to put a smile on the face of her favorite people, every product serves a purpose in guiding her off the busy train and into a well-lived, well-organized life. 

The short & sweet version:

Founded in 2014 by a woman who rebelled against “doing the most”, Cheriss & Company is a one-woman stationery and gift brand that helps busy women break up with burnout, strengthen their relationships, and enjoy a well-lived, well-organized life.


After almost 10 years since launching our FroGirl collection, we're still putting the African American woman at the center of everything we do. But there’s so much more to her than her hair, which is why our evolving products paint a more diverse picture of her life, deepest ambitions, adventures, and multiethnic circle. Her story is unique, but universally relatable. And that’s the message we want to share.

  • Cheriss & Company creates products to help busy women tame busyness and find little thrils in the daily juggle.
  • The collection spans self-care and personal development essentials like journals and the Priority Guide™ planner, as well as display-worthy stationery, drinkware and art prints. The assortment also includes a number of products that can be personalized. 
  • Every detail is designed in-house by founder and designer J’Nae and goes through a thorough development process to make sure products are full of heart and pracitical enough to fit into our customers' busy lifestyles.
  • More than a third of the materials used to make our products come from small business owners across America, so you can feel good about supporting local while you shop.
  • Cheriss & Company’s strategy and philosophy is rooted in simplicity and building connections, which is reflected in our small, focused collection of products and occasional collaboration between other small businesses to help bring even more helpful products and experiences.

About the Founder

J'Nae is the founder and creative force behind Cheriss & Company, the encouraging stationery and gift brand. For nearly a decade, she has been fiercely committed to spreading the message of simplicity and balance, and guiding busy women to do the same through her art, brand, and occasional keynote speaking and teaching appearances. J'Nae's passion for simplicity and structure led her to design products that help busy women find joy and balance in their daily routine. With a background in business and a keen eye for design, J'Nae personally oversees every detail of Cheriss & Company's products, from the initial idea to the final packaging. Through Cheriss & Company, J'Nae is on a mission to empower busy women to slow down and discover that the peace, balance, and joy that they dream of is absolutely within reach.

Quote from the Founder

"There's something about breaking from our daily routine that stirs up major clarity, joy, and a sense of power - and creating moments like this are more important than ever now. In a world that’s constantly pressuring us to do more and do it faster, I love that I get to play the rebel and, in an empowering voice, dare busy women to do one thing: slow down. That’s what Cheriss & Company is all about."

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Female-owned, black-owned, HBCU-alumna founder


Make flourishing a daily habit.®

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Feature Highlights

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old way

Ordinary Planner

Full of to-do lists that don't help you level-up your prioritizing skills

  • Layout: Force your day to fit it
  • Spreads: Monthly or daily
  • Schedule: Predefined dates
  • Guides: Noisy or nonexistent
  • Notes: Limited space
  • Balance: No clear boundaries
  • Portability: Big/thick

new way

Priority Guide

Filled with easy-to-follow solutions that actually move you forward

  • Layout: Adapts to your work style
  • Spreads: Monthly/Weekly/Daily
  • Schedule: You control the dates
  • Guides: Clarity-inducing prompts
  • Notes: Each day has its own page
  • Balance: Boundaries for work/rest
  • Portability: Light/durable

Put simply, it's a better way to plan.

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from the founder

"I didn't want another planner - I had a drawer full of cute, half-used planners that didn't work. I needed a system that was flexible and helped me produce what I knew I was capable of. The Priority Guide delivers all of the above!"

- J'Nae, Cheriss & Company Creator

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Little adjustments can make an unbelievably big difference.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding balance. That’s why the Priority Guide provides flexibility to do what works for you and the right amount of guidance to make it a simple daily practice.

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