Counterfeit Merchandise

Counterfeit Merchandise Policy

The craftsmanship of Cheriss & Company art prints and stationery, as well as the quality materials used for all products, is never paralleled in non-authentic merchandise. Specifically, packaging, as well as a handwritten note found inside each order, are basic signs of a real Cheriss & Company merchandise. In addition, you can be confident that your merchandise is real if it was purchased from through
Orders placed on the site are for private individuals and companies who are final buyers. The resale of Cheriss & Company products is strictly forbidden by those who plan to sell as a business activity.
Use of the Cheriss & Company name or collections without permission is considered counterfeiting and warrants legal action. Authentic Cheriss & Company products are not sold at "purse parties," flea markets, by street vendors or on auction sites. If a Cheriss & Company product is purchased in any of these places, risk of being defrauded is highly likely. The sale and distribution of counterfeit product is a crime under federal and many state laws, and is punishable by imprisonment and fines. The manufacturers of counterfeit product do not pay taxes, do not pay fair wages or benefits to their employees, frequently utilize child labor, and have been known to fund terrorism and other serious crimes with the profits of counterfeiting.
Please report any such activity via email to
Thank you for your concern in preserving the authenticity of Cheriss & Company.

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