congratulations to Allison Howze!

Meet our Woman of the Month.

Allison knew my business was struggling and she reached out to her soror who had a program that helped those in need. They raised thousands of dollars to help me through the difficult time and I am forever grateful to her.

When I think of the word SELFLESS, I immediately think of Allison Howze. She loves to help others more than anyone I have ever met, and she does it Luxe style. There are so many stories to tell, but the one that comes to mind immediately is her sitting with my daughter's head in her lap as she slept after having a seizure the previous day. Another example is that she knew our family was in search of a home and was having difficulty. She helped us find the perfect home (she is not a realtor) that we have loved living in for the past 5 years. She has opened her home and heart to many souls in need.

Allison empowers women on the daily to take care of themselves, so they can care for others. She supports women owned businesses daily. Overall I know she is deserving of this award, and I only wish I had nominated her sooner.

Nomination submitted by Kristin Hylton

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Having amazing women in your life is absolutely something worth celebrating! After all, celebrating and encouraging each other is a privilege and it should always be a priority. Who will we highlight next?

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What do we love more than seeing another woman handling her business and inspiring the lives around her? Catching her off guard with some well-deserved recognition. Take a look back at a few of our past honorees. 


Woman of the Month | February 2020

"I am so very pleased and honored by the nomination. Support from our own is inspirational. It makes you know that all the hard work and dedication you have is appreciated. I absolutely love this!"

Nominated by ALLISOn HOWZE

Patricia Hughes

Woman of the Month | march 2020

"I love it! Thank you so much! I'm sitting here looking at [my package]. Can't stop smiling!"

Nominated by Timila Bell

BRAndi Jones

Woman of the Month | august 2020

 "She is a single mother that has been through so much in the past few years. She’s pushed through every obstacle that has come her way - and it's all by the grace of God. She has launched her new business, while maintaining her own beauty salon and her three year anniversary is coming up in December. Her testimony is beautiful and I couldn’t think of a more deserving woman."

Nominated by Tatyana EADy

Alisa Oglesby

Woman of the Month | November 2020

"Alisa is a ball of energy, a breath of fresh air, a inspirational friend and colleague, a devoted sorority sister, a champion for change, and the Queen of motivating other women. Recently, I had to postpone the celebration of a significant milestone birthday. Her encouragement & optimistic energy helped me through the disappointment. Alisa was my ram in the bush!"

Nominated by bev Ferguson

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Cheriss & Company created the Woman of the Month series to celebrate sisterhood and shine light on Everyday Women: the woman holding down the front desk at your office, the woman at church working on her 4th degree - your mother, your sister, your mentor, your best friend. These women may not grace the cover of Vogue or show up on the Forbes top 10 list, but without question, they deserve to be recognized. Learn more about the Woman of the Month series.

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