The Real Stars Who Inspire the Designs

The Real Stars Who Inspire the Designs
The Real Stars Who Inspire the Designs

I’ve spent my entire life surrounded by stars -- but not the stars who immediately come to mind. The stars in my world won’t be seen at the Oscars or gracing the cover of Vogue. They are everyday women: hair stylists, educators, realtors, doctors; mothers, mentors and friends. The women we all know.

They seriously amaze me.

I’m sure we’ve all fantasized about walking in the Louboutins of our favorite Hollywood star, but you can’t deny the low-key glamour and “whip appeal” of the everyday woman. She gracefully walks in her amazingness and goes about her day, handling her business and whatnot. No glam squad. No praise from the Academy. No snaps from the paparazzi. She does all that she does, (with or without “likes” and followers) simply because she can.

It’s impossible not to be inspired by a woman like that!

That’s exactly why the everyday woman plays the starring role in the designs behind Cheriss & Company. She inspires some of the greatest material.

If you ask me, I’d say this level of attention is long overdue!

I hope you love what you see around here. What matters most is making you smile and making sure you never forget that you were fearfully and wonderfully created.



Designer | Cheriss & Company (pronounced chair-iss)

Have you seen the "All About Business" coffee mug?


  • Ms. Ferg: October 22, 2016
    Author's avatar image

    Thank YOU, Jnae for following your heart and “writing the vision and making it plain” which led to achieving your dream. The best is yet to come!!!

    Your products feature the essence of the everyday, extraordinary Black woman. I am proud to know and support the visionary, brain-trust behind the designs. Always in your corner…

  • Jackie Pecot: December 07, 2015
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    I absolutely love the words spoken in your blog and your work is amazing!!!

  • PATRICIA ROGERS: October 21, 2015
    Author's avatar image

    Very proud of what you have accomplished Niece and I honor what God is doing in this journey that your own.?

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