Why the Fro?

Posted on January 16 2016

Why the Fro?

I’ve been hard at work on a few new items coming to Cheriss & Company this year. If you’re a fan of the FroGirls, I can’t wait for you to see the new girls! Speaking of FroGirls, I thought I’d take a quick sec to share why I chose big hair beauties as the inspiration for my first collection.

At first glance you wouldn’t know it, but I’ve been “natural” for well over a decade. I’ll bust out the fro every now and then, but as for me and MY natural hair journey, I’ve decided straight hair works best for me right now. As someone who’s worn a fro in public (a "twist out" in my case), I've learned there's something about a fro (or doing anything that goes "against the grain" for that matter) that stirs up people and their opinions, and while it's just hair, you definitely have to be mentally and emotionally ready for people's reaction.

I remember the first time I wore my natural hair in a corporate setting, I was SO self-conscious and took multiple trips to the restroom to primp and fluff my hair. For the most part, people thought my new do was "cool" (and some asked to touch it), but then there were a few whose quick glances (or avoidance) spoke volumes!

The FroGirls, to me, represent that point when you finally learn to OWN and love who you are and what you have. When you see the FroGirls there's no question that they're comfortable, confident, and undeniably unbothered by whatever chatter may be taking place around them. It was symbolic of the point in my life I was entering at the time the FroGirls were created, and it's how I think every woman should feel about whatever makes her different, whether it be her hair, her figure, her skin, or her smile.

Every part of you was "made to be remembered". Own that!



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  • Bobbie Chambers: July 13, 2016

    J’Nae, I love your inspirational message!! You certainly speak my language. Way back in the day, 60’s, 70’s, many of us didn’t think twice about wearing our natural hairstyles – Afros & braids!!! And, yes, even in the workplace. I wore my Angela Davis look proudly?. Being authentic and true to who we are and how we show up in this world is how it’s meant to be. Doing so touches & inspires so many and creates ripple effects of authenticity , service to others, elevations of consciousness and a continual becoming of who we are meant to be & what we are meant to do on this awesome journey of life. I love your products and just received my 1st order of Beautiful, quality items. Love, Love Love everything and the packaging even expresses your love of what you do . Thanks to you and your beautiful Mom, my long time friend, for sharing your website with me. Continued blessings and success.

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