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Hey, I'm J'Nae.

before we jump in, let me tell you about my so-called friend.

So, I had this friend. We grew up together and we were tight like glue. As we got older, though, our friendship turned ... toxic.

She was constantly busy and distracted. Our conversations were brief and whenever we did finally get around to catching up, 90% of the time she'd find something to nitpick about: my hairline, waistline, or how she felt like I wasn't doing enough. Frankly, she was a special case.

To be fair, we had good times. We'd have occasional spa dates and would spend hours planning out our goals and dreams, promising to hold each other accountable. But then she'd get sucked back into her world of busyness, only to re-emerge weeks or months later with the same empty promises.

Doesn't sound like a "friend" at all, right? It's not - it's actually the relationship I had with myself for years, and it's the same relationship most people have with themselves, but they're just too busy to even notice.

Q: What do your relationships, health goals and money goals all have in common?

A: Taking care of them is ten times harder when you're not taking care of yourself. Let's do something about that.

meet the priority guide.

  A priority-setting journal designed to change the way you think about, manage and live your life.

What is the priority Guide?

The Priority Guide is an 8-week priority setting journal that helps you align your day with your most important priorities and change your thinking on how to tackle your personal goals.

Whether you're a busy 9-to-5er, venturing out on your own or juggling both worlds, the Priority Guide will challenge you to re-examine your daily routine and unlearn life-draining thoughts and habits that hold you back from the life you want to live.

A few things you'll love about the guide:

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you've made it this far...

Which means you're probably like me and want some proof before you make your move. Well, here you go:

  • While reviewing the pages of the Guide, my best friend texted me and said she was so inspired that she finally submitted an application to start her business. She now has an established LLC.
  • I had an idea similar to the Priority Guide years ago, but kept putting it on hold ( sound familiar?). The techniques and structure of this guide gave me clarity and in less than 4 months, the page you're reading and the product you just learned about all came together.

I'm so convinced the same can be true for you and the goal you've been talking about for a while. You just need a little push to get moving. So here's a friendly push.